About Us


Snoozy Pet was inspired and created because of a very fussy Leopard Gecko named Aero, thats him smiling at you in the picture.

Aero is not your conventional Gecko as he hates hard plastic hides or anything damp or too dark! , basically all the things he should want he doesn’t.

But what he does love is to snuggle with me, or in a blanket or anywhere he feels cosy.

So in desperation after I had tried so many hides I made this snooze tent, he absolutely loved it!

I wondered if there were more Geckos out there like Aero who liked the non conventional. 

So that is why I set this up, for all the animals who like Aero love to snuggle and their owners who like cute things

All items are handmade with love by me so each one is special as no two will be alike, I have found fabrics that do not snag on little claws and can be machine washed at low temperatures.

so that’s us thanks for stopping by 


Snoozy Pet.com + Aero x