About us

Snoozy pet was created because of a very fussy leopard gecko named Aero. Aero is not your average gecko and everything research says he should like and want, he hates!. After many failed attempts to please him I discovered that Aero infact likes fabric! and anywhere snuggly he can sleep. So after making him a cardboard tent with fabric blankets I found he not only loved it but hardly left it as he was so content. I decided to make my other pets little tents,beds and pillows. To my surprise my bearded dragons loved them and I wondered if other reptiles were out there like Aero.

So I set up this little shop for all the small animals that are different and their owners who want something truly unique and original, something more fun than your average commercial product.

Everything we make is tested by our own pets to make sure its suitable and safe for purpose and of course a great place to snooze.

We started out with 4 products and now have more being added by the day! with over 4000 sales since we opened in February 2020.

Our mission is simple, we want to show people reptiles do like soft beds and cosy places to sleep just like any other pet, and its ok for them to have these things. These little animals are just the same as any other pet and do enjoy snuggle time with their owners, they have likes and dislikes and some even like soft toys!.

The market is full of products for cats and dogs but hardly anything for the small pet so that’s where we come in, our range is expanding and will be catering for even more small pets very soon.

That is us, we hope you like our things and thank you for stopping by

Love snoozy pet x