About Me

Hi, Im Lottie and I am the owner and designer here at Snoozy Pet, I am also mum to five children, a Nonna and a mum to 11 non human babies!, I love all animals and have a serious passion and addiction to Reptiles!

This little venture all started with a very fussy Leopard Gecko named Aero. He hated all the things we are told Geckos like and need. So after trawling the internet and finding only rock hides or wooden logs I made Aero his very own tent…out of cardboard! and wrapped it in fabric as I could not sew! then put a little fabric mattress inside, to my surprise Aero went straight in and has loved this little tent ever since. So I started to wonder if there were other Reptiles out there like Aero , Reptiles who like the unconventional and want something a little different. After making tents for my Bearded Dragons I found I was right and it seemed more Reptiles liked soft furnishings and cosy places to sleep than people realised.

I started this little shop with my daughter in 2020 and now have over 4000 sales to date. We have created so many unique products for reptiles and small pets with new designs being added all the time and more ranges are coming soon to cater for even more small pets!

Our mission is simple, we at snoozy pet see our reptiles and small pets as family and we want everyone to feel the same. The market is currently full of products for cats and dogs so its time for something different, something new, something fun.

So that’s me, and that’s what snoozy pet is about.

Thanks for stopping by our little shop and helping to support a small business.

To see more of Aero and his friends follow us on instagram @gecko.aero