Remembering Waffles

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Here at Snoozy Pet we are very passionate about Animals and as such have rescued many ourselves and sponsor two Reptiles at Jelly Exotics.

This is the story of our baby girl Waffles, she sadly left us for the rainbow bridge in July 2021.

As heartbroken as we are we wanted to make sure her story was told and her legacy never forgotten.

Waffles was 4 or 5 years old when we took her in 2 years ago. She was kept at a local college near us and had been a forgotten class pet.

She was donated to the school and had a makeshift wooden hutch with plastic doors that fell off when you opened them, she had been kept on snake moss as a substrate ,

had no UVB lighting just an Ikea lightbulb, she had a heatmat instead of a basking log to sit on and a bowl. She was often left for weeks at a time alone in the school holidays, the old owner who worked at the school used to go in and feed her a few times a week.

When she came to us she was lonely, angry and didn't really care for humans. She did not like to be held very much and was very subdued. We immediately changed everything about her set up! and a vet check confirmed amazingly she did not have MBD , she did however have very thick curled claws as a result of being kept on very soft substrate with nothing to grip properly.

She was named Dragon and did not respond to it

so we decided as she was a creamy yellow colour to call her Waffles.

As the days went by she quickly became a new beardie! and in time she learned we meant her no harm and she became sassy and demanding! the boss very quickly of the gang.

Waffles was one of the chief testers here at Snoozy Pet as many of what we created was to help her feel loved as we discovered she loved to cuddle things, especially little crochet toys and pillows.

She would drag them round her enclosure with her so she always had one to fall asleep on. 

Waffles was like the wise grandmother and always rolled her eyes and went in a strop if you didnt do as requested, she was funny, full of personality and meant everything to our little world.

Sadly out of the blue with no warning she passed away, she was gone. To say it was a shock is an understatement but all those years of the wrong things she needed to live a healthy life, lack of food and the right nutrition was just too much for her to overcome in the end....and we could not overturn all the bad despite everything we did. She has left a huge painful gap and we have wondered how we could keep her memory alive and help other Bearded Dragons like her ,

the ones who were not loved or treated right from day one.

So we created the Pillow Pals! Waffles adored soft toys and so we wanted to create a range to reflect her personality and they are all food themed and I know she would love them! .

So for every Pillow Pal sold we will donate £3.00 to the rescue we already sponsor Jelly Exotics

on behalf of Waffles.

Hopefully we can help this story not be such a common one.

So go treat your Beardie to a Pillow Pal :) and help us change things for all the unloved ,uncared for Reptiles out there who need you.

They are machine washable and can be happily dragged all over a vivarium haha.

Just vist the shop to get your Pillow Pal :)