About us

leopard gecko

Hi, I'm Aero the leopard gecko and I am the reason snoozy pet was created.
I am not your average gecko, I am fussy, hate damp things, wooden things and dark spaces!.
I like to snuggle, be wrapped up and sleep in soft things like quilts.
My human made me a tent to try to please me, it did, and its my favourite thing now!, so I inspired my human to make things for all my adopted brothers and sisters.....there are lots of us as she is crazy about animals.
My dragon siblings were jealous so my human made them tents too. She now makes lots of different things and we all get to try them out. We let her know if we like them or not, if we do she adds them to the shop. We are known as the Snoozy crew and you can follow our adventures on my instagram page @gecko.aero
Many of the fabric designs you see are based on us and there are even stickers to match!
My human spends her days making and creating original and fun things for other reptiles like me, the ones who are a little quirky and like human things....there are many of us out there.  
So that is us, we hope you like our little shop and if you cant see what you are looking for just message my human as she loves creating one of a kind things just for you., please remember each thing we sell is handmade and not sitting on a shelf ready to ship out, so it will take time...around 2-3 weeks for my human to make and post your order to you...so please be patient with us.

She is busy adding more designs too, not just for us. but for lots of other pets, so make sure to join our mailing list to keep up to date with all our new stuff!

Thanks for stopping by 
Love Aero and the Snoozy crew x

owner of snoozy-pet.com